Food Gems & Local Treats | A Day In Tuscany


Do you want to try the real specialties?

Our food is sooo tasty, delicious and offers a wide range of possibilities for even the most discriminating palate. We'll explore a cured meats spot: "salsiccia", "salami", "prosciutto" and then try a bit of the unknown "buristo" and "sorpressata". Learn from your personal guide how to distinguish the particoular breed Cinta Senese and the huge wild boar. You will throughly enjoy the wonderful combinations of food and wine;

Extra virgin olive oil: simply ... a MUST! Try and taste the true E.V.O.O., so deep in taste and scent!. Visit an oil mill and learn about the oil making process as well as its secrets. The olive picking is usually in November and December and during this period you'll get the chance to see the oil production.. live: smell the intense fragrance of freshly squeezed E.V.O.O. and taste a few drops directly from the press-machine!

And now combine all this with the Pecorino cheese: a local sheep's milk cheese produced in Pienza and aged in so many different ways. You'll visit a dairy, a real dairy in Pienza, run by a single family and the lab where cheese is made. Meet the owner and learn the secrets of this delicacy. Taste the many varieties, with a hint of jam or chestnut honey and make your final choice!!

And now... what about something less known but very precious such as locally cultivated SAFFRON , or home brewed beer?

Saffron is really "red gold"! A wonderful spice made from the stigmas of Crocus Sativa flowers. It is an autumn crocus and its amazing light pink flowers can only be seen from mid October to November. You will get to know the owner of the estate and he will lead you as you discover of this absolutely rare gem. After the tour you can taste some saffron tidbits or even enjoy a whole meal, from the antipasto to the dessert, made exclusively with saffron!.Beautiful delicious jams of local plums with no added sugar or preservatives, a chocolate factory or an unusual yet excellent ice cream tasting.

So... are you still waiting to decide?? Come on! Just choose and list whatever you would like to experience and email us! We will organize an all inclusive gourmet-tour expecially tailored specifically for you.

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