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Roberto e Roberta Lombardini - (20.08.2020)
Bellissimo tour a Montepulciano. Precisa, cordiale, esaustiva e molto simpatica. Le due ore abbondanti sono passate in armonia e piacevolezza. Grazie a lei abbiamo conosciuto un artigiano che fa mosaici ed è stato veramente interessante. Le indicazioni di qualche posticino di buon gusto sono state assolutamente soddisfacenti. Abbiamo potuto constatare che è ben voluta dalle persone del posto in quanto passeggiare insieme a lei è un saluto continuo con negozianti, ristoratori e persone comuni. Siamo rimasti più che soddisfatti e per altre visite in zona sicuramente la contatteremo. Grazie di tutto Serena.
Jeremy & Kasey - (08.10.2019)
Serena brought our tour to life and showed us an authentic side of Tuscany. We felt like locals, made some new friends along the way and tasted our way through the towns. Serena shared so much knowledge with us and has so much passion for this place. If you want to fully experience Tuscany, this is a must do tour!
Valerie Stuart Ross - (10.10.2018)
Good morning Serena, you have been such a wonderful guide and very knowledgable. We are grateful that our concierge at the Villa arranged our tours with you. you are the best and have to come to States and visit us sometime. Thanks a bunches and be eternally grateful!
Tony Graf ( NONINO) - (23.08.2018)
Serena you really were the highlight of our trip! The day we spent together will be in our memories as well as all the delicious wines and food. Your ability to communicate and share was incredible. Thanks again Serena! Cheers from Nonnino!
Tom Harshman and family - (18.05.2018)
Serena was the best tour guide we could ask for. She was truly knowledgeable and a delight to explore Montepulcino and Siena with. We would recommend her to everyone visiting this region, and hope that we are able to connect with her again the next time we visit!
Dave and Krissy - (15.05.2018)
Dear Serena, I have been meaning to email you to let you know what a great time we had with you over the two days we spent in Montepulciano doing the wine tasting and gourmet tours. It was a terrific time with great laughs, great food and great company. It wouldn't have been the same without your sense of humor and willingness to laugh with us throughout the day. My side actually hurt from laughing so much. I am including a photo from the one lunch right before we had the coffee killer grappa that made tasting the unripe olive seem like a pleasure. I have forwarded your contact information to some friends of mine, John and Rick who are heading to Tuscany with their siblings in the next month and suggested they reach out to you directly. David and Krissy Komrska..
Gary H. - (17.04.2018)
Hi Serena, Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday. Jennifer and I could not have imagined a better introduction to Pienza and Montepulciano, as well as the Tuscan countryside. How extraordinarily beautiful. We do want to come back, hopefully either spring or fall of 2019. So appreciated having the benefit of your expertise and warm company for the day! As you can see, sent greetings to Richard. Gary and Joe
Bobbie and Denny - (17.11.2017)
Hello Serena! We arrived home safely on Thursday night, and we want to express our appreciation for your wonderful tour!. What an experience!! - one that we'll never forget. Everything was perfect - the visits to the olive-making operation, the wineries, the cheese tasting, the lovely lunch and the tour of the area were all fantastic! We know that it was a long day for you, and that we asked many questions, but you answered each one, and we certainly will be recommending your services to others who want to visit Tuscany. Thanks again for showing us the "real" Italy!!! Maybell, Bobbie, Ewen and Denny
Karyn & Joe - (10.10.2017)
Hi Serena! Once again, GRAZIE!!!!!!!! Our day with you touring Montepulciano, Pienza, and Monticchiello was the highlight of our vacation. Within the first hour, it felt like we were travelling with a friend rather than on a tour. Thanks
Geri and Joe - (28.08.2017)
Buon Giorno, Serena... Hope all is well with you and family in Italy. As we spoke by phone today I mentioned that I have some very good friends and work partners who will be travelling to Tuscany from November 10 – 17th. I told them about the wonderful tour you provided to my wife and I... olive oil production, wine making & tasting, the fabulous “pici” pasta, and finally the farm visit for cheese tasting. It was a great tour and we really appreciated your knowledge of the “beautiful” Tuscan culture!.
James and Lisa - (19.06.2017)
Hello Madame Tuscany!! Just want to thank you directly for being our great guides to Tuscany. Every thing was first class, informative and personal. We are now planning our next trip to tuscany for 2012!! Mile grazie!! Liz
Updike family - (18.04.2017)
Thank you very much for the recipes. I can’t tell you how much we still talk about our day with you in Tuscany. It was absolutely perfect and it was all due to you. In fact, we’re already talking about coming back to Italy next year and if we do you and Tuscany will be a part of our agenda. Per you request, below is a recipe for true New York American cheesecake. Hope you enjoy and keep it touch! Ciao :-) Rick
Lucy Ross - (20.02.2017)
Serena, thank you for your wonderful tour of your beautiful areas of Tuscany. Several of us in Michael's group remarked that we could not recall a more enjoyable week, with a more knowledgeable guide. Your willingness to expose us to everything we could learn in a day was refreshing and appreciated. Detours like visiting olive mill or Mondo X were so memorable. I know I'll never forget the time your friends spent with us to educate us about their various professions. And also, you have the most gorgeous hair!!! Thank you again for a most enriching week, all the best
Ewen and Maybell - (17.10.2016)
Serena, I know Denny sent you a note about how wonderful our trip was but I just had to add my own "Thanks!" To say we enjoyed our day with you is an understatement. What fun! We have just poured over all the pictures we took and told everyone how much fun you are. I would love to make the soup that we had for lunch that day. It was tomatoes and bread and simply wonderful! Do you know the recipe? We have enjoyed our olive oil daily since we got home. Our granddaughter loves it too! Thank you, again, for a memorable day. Ewen and Maybell
Tom Mc Craig and Karen - (19.08.2016)
Serena, We are still savoring our trip to Tuscany and we have told everyone about our wonderful day with you in Siena and wine country. We count our blessings we connected with you on our trip. Thanks again and we hope to see you again soon. Ciao,ciao
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