Tour Privati Montepulciano & Pienza | A Day In Tuscany


Two "special jewels" in a few miles!! Montepulciano and Pienza: unique places!

First visit to a Montepulciano winery where you'll get the chance to delve into the Vino Nobile world. A guided promenade in the citycenter will let you appreciate this amazing hilltop town.

In the afternoon we will head to Pienza "the ideal town" of the pope Pio II created in the 1400's. It is one of the most interesting UNESCO sites. Later we will visit a dairy farm. Pienza is also known for the delicious "pecorino", a kind of sheep's milk cheese locally produced. You will meet the owner who will show you how the Pecorino cheese is made and then aged in different ways using bizzarre seasonings such as wallnut leaves, hay, grape skins or wood ash. Of course we won't miss a tasting of several Pecorino cheese and Ricotta topped with a few drops of dark chestnut honey!